Why Sing?

This article originally appeared in a local newspaper and explains why we all love singing and why we want more people to rediscover singing.

We have a great choral tradition in Britain and today all over the country people are re-discovering community singing.  Singing is known to be very good for you in many different ways:

Physically – like the beer in the old advert, singing reaches parts of the body other exercises don’t!  The lungs and diaphragm are toned up, circulation is boosted which helps your heart and makes you feel well.  Facial muscles are strengthened, as is your posture: you can’t sing well without standing upright.

Mentally – learning new songs and skills keeps you mentally alert. It increases feelings of well being and enhances mood. It is a good stress reducer, and can be energising and uplifting as well as challenging.

Socially – you will meet up with old and new local friends.  Sharing in the experience of practicing and performing is a great way to bond a group. It brings people together and builds a sense of community.  It’s fun too!

Melody Makers Ladies’ Choir was set up in 2010, bringing together both experienced singers and complete beginners. Since then the choir has gone from strength to strength, singing at community events in and around Southam.  We usually have around 27 members and we are delighted to welcome more – no auditions needed!

When we asked singers why they joined the choir they said,

“It makes such a change from my usual day to day life – I love my Wednesday evenings!  And it’s incredibly good value for an evening out”

“I moved here recently, and wanted to meet some locals – I’ve met many lovely people which has really helped me settle in here”

“I’ve got a bad chest and singing has always helped me a lot – my asthma is much better when I sing regularly. We also have good fun as well although we do take it all quite seriously when we have a concert coming up!”

“I love learning new songs and getting them good enough to wow the audience at our concerts”

“I come to Melody Makers for fun, friendship and frivolity (don’t tell Alison!) – it makes me feel good and keeps my lungs and brain functioning!”

“I love singing, and it’s a bit of ‘me time’ – we have a good laugh”

“I’ve always sung in the car and the shower, and as I used to be in the choir at school and before I married, and I wanted to try it out again – it’s just as much fun as I remember”

“With my young family, sometimes I think I can’t face coming along on a Wednesday, but as soon as I start singing, I completely lose myself – it’s fantastic relaxation”

“It’s my therapy – I don’t know what I would do without it”.


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